Does LifeFlix support 8mm format (Video8, Hi8 & Digital8)?

Yes! Just as many, if not more people are using Lifeflix to capture old 8mm video formats like Video8, Hi8 and Digital8. MiniDV was only around from 1995-2007 but the other 8mm formats much longer (Video8 = 1984, Hi8 = 1989, Digital8 = 1999). Thankfully all these 8mm video formats will play in a Digital8 camcorder which has Firewire and can convert the analog formats on the fly. 

If you don't have a Digital8 camcorder, you can capture Video8 and Hi8 analog tapes using the "A/V -> DV OUT" function on the MiniDV camera (Video8 or Hi8 RCA plugs into the MiniDV camera then DV out to the Mac).

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