Export or Saving Options

The imported video files can either be saved to your computer (our default) or on an external drive, either as separate individual video clips/files, or combined into a single video clip/file

Saving to your computer. Just click Import and files will be stored locally in the User/Movies/LifeFlix/Tapes/Scenes folder.

Saving to an external drive.Before Importing, select the "Choose Video Folder" option under the LifeFlix DV Importer menu. Select your drive, then continue with Importing.

Save as separate video clips or "Scenes."This is the default - just import your tapes!

Combine all video clips and save as a single file. Follow these steps after importing:

  • 1-Connect your camera and click the blue Import button. The Import Options window will appear. Name your tape and optionally give it a description.
  • 2- Click Import and come back to it in about an hour. For each tape's import you'll see multiple scenes.
  • 3-To combine all scenes or create a single file, click on a Tape, then click the Create Single File button, just above the Scenes. This process can take several minutes depending on the amount of scenes in your video. Doing this will combine all scenes inside of LifeFlix and leaves a single file on your computer (or hard drive). Note: this overwrites the existing files. You can Undo this process by selecting Undo under the Edit menu.

You may also select any combination of individual scenes and use the Combine button to merge them together as one file.

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