Saving to an external hard drive

You can either save the imported video files to your computer (the default) or save them to an external hard drive.  

Consider using an external hard drive if....

  • You are importing your files uncompressed, they are huge and can be nearly 13GB per tape (vs 1.3 GB for a compressed tape)
  • You importing using our compression but have more than 20 tapes, this will be more than 25GB of storage.

NOTE:  if you import your files to your computer they live here "username"/Movie/lifeflix/tapes" and can be copied to a hard drive after.  If you "move" the files from your computer to a external hard drive, LifeFlix will lose connection to the files and not be able to play them.  

Saving to an external drive.

Before Importing, select the "Choose Video Folder" option under the File menu. Select your drive, then continue with Importing.   We will create a folder system for each individual Tape and all video clips.

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