How to get the latest version (or updates)?

Everyone qualifies for updates!  

We are constantly improving LifeFlix by fixing bugs and making the experience better.  You'll find that we don't necessarily just add new "features", but rather invest in making the import easier, more automatica and the overall video watching and sharing experience better.  And of course fix bugs!

How do I get my update?  

If you bought online through

  1. Emails are sent to all customers that purchased through our online store, or  
  2. LifeFlix version 1.5.7 and later include an automated downloader to update your software.  Select the "LifeFlix DV Importer" menu and choose "Check for Updates..."

If you have an earlier than 1.5.7 version we recommend searching your email for a message from "lifeflix" that will include a link to the latest version.  If that doesn't work, please contact us to request the latest and greatest.

If you bought through the Mac App store

  • Use the Apple App Store updater.
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