Can I edit my video with LifeFlix?

Yes.  LifeFlix has some basic but easy to use editing features.  You can Trim individual clips or scenes, then choose any combination and join them to make a single video.  You can then export or share that video to YouTube or Facebook.

1) Trim.  Select any video or scene.

Then move the In and Out or Start and Stop markers in the View window to Trim or reduce the size of the video.  Click Trim.  (Note: this is a destructive process, or trims the original file, click Undo if you wish to redo the trim.)

Repeat this process to as many videos as you wish.

2) Combine.  Select all Trimmed videos by holding down the Command key then Click the blue Combine button.  Your done.


3) Combine all.  If you want to create a single video or automatically combine all videos or scenes, just click the Create Single File button.

For full blown editing, we recommend iMovie for the general hobbyist. 

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